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In the spring of 2007 I sought out to lose 5-15 pounds, and even harder an inch or two off my waist, and especially hard I wanted to lose my love handles!

I did not take any "Before" photos of myself as I didn't know what to expect. The results from going to my new "diet", or as I properly call it here in this book my new "lifestyle", were astonishing to say the least! Within four months I lost 30 pounds, 4" off my waist, and the love handles are gone! And it was so easy!! I eat anything I want: ice cream (boy do I love ice cream!), candies, cookies, cakes, sugars, starches, pasta, pizza, potatoes...You name it!!

I would not change from this new lifestyle for any amount of money. It has gotten me "looks" from everyone and higher self-esteem, but also it has made my cholesterol drop from 229 to a good normal 175 and normal on both the good and bad types. Also formerly I was taking one high blood pressure pill every night and now my blood pressure is also normal. My triglycerides are an amazing 50 after being over 140! People are amazed at me and how I look, feel, and act. Usually they guess 10-20 years younger than my age! And if YOU follow all the ideas of this book, you will also make incredible improvements on your looks, health, and body and will not ever think of changing from this lifestyle.

I eat anything I want and do not miss out on any type of food I enjoy! In the book I tell why it works and how it works. I have many charts you can use to help you along and the special back section has the most important points of the book as well as the handy charts and logs to use. Now three years later my friends urged me to write a book about it all. After losing 14% of my body weight, I have found my ideal weight and am always within three pounds of it! You will see when you read it why it is...

The Easiest Diet In The World..And It Works!