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We received your book yesterday.  Thank you so much.  We'll look forward to seeing you on television when you do your book tour on Oprah, Regis Philbin, and Bill O'Reilly's shows. 
Thanks again for the book.
Jim and Rhonda
From: wpaccione
And thanks for your book. It's a great example of hard work with the writing and all!
From: alvinck
Rich,   Thanks, your book, The Easiest Diet, arrived and has been read.   Very interesting and your pictures show a very happy good looking man.  One can't ask for more than that.   
Again, congratulations on the book.   Best, Al
From: rbragg
Rich..Thank you for the copy of your book and for the acknowledgement.  I do not remember the quote but will accept the credit anyway.  Again, many thanks for the book.  I will read it from cover to cover soon.  Take care and hopefully a lot of copies will be sold.
From: rmayer
Hi Rich..............wow!!!....what a month for you:  you publish your first book...CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should be on cloud 9 as they say. Your book is quite an accomplishment, you should feel a great sense of accomplishment in "living the lifestyle" that is so healthy and positive. I have only had a chance to glance through the book....however, it appears to be very easy to read. The charts should be very helpful as well. I can't help but think that if a person takes the time to invest in your program, they will ultimately find success.  Joan and I wish you much success with its publication. Thank you for our copy.......and for the kind words in your acknowledgements.................Bob
From: amannga
Thanks for the copy of your new diet book.  We haven't had much of a chance
to look at it yet, but it sounds like a really good idea. I know you were
talking about it a great deal when you were here this past summer, and Floyd
said it seemed to work when he tried one of your recipes.
George and Kathy
Hey Rich,
I was very surprised when I received the mailing of your new book.  It was very thoughtful of you to remember me.  The dedication you wrote was very touching.  I wish you much success with the book.
The book came at a good time since my current weight is similar to your spring 07 weight.
I am still running, walking and swimming but snacks have increased my waist line.  I definitely need a simple program like this.  Maybe it will help.
You look really well but I think that picture is 25 yrs old.......haha.
God Bless
Stay in touch,
Your Friend,
Hi Rich,

I've just finished reading your book...love it!  Simple and concise, perfect.  Thank you very much.

Nice to see you are doing so well. The book was interesting,Your ideas about eating are well grounded and should provide anyone following it with a healthier life style. Thanks for thinking of us and live long and prosper.
Dear Rich,

Thanks so much for the signed copy of your book.  It was so nice that you
thought of me. I am really enjoying it. It almost feels like I have read it
because of our extensive discussion last summer at the diner.
Hope to see you this summer, if not sooner, Very proud of you.
hi Rich...totally love this book...looking forward to talking to you about it and how you are doing...
sending love, cathy
Hi Rich, Congratulations on your new book.  I wish you all the success in the world.....I'm not sure I can follow it; you know how we Italians eat!!!!
Glad to see you are doing fantastic and continued success...
Carm A
Hi Rich, 

"Great read, simple & concise.  Have considered eating organic for some time and after reading this book I've decided to make a healthy lifestyle change.  Thank you."  Jon S. La Jolla, CA
Hey Rich:)
I am very happy because I received your book today and I was looking at the front/back cover and I think it's AMAZING!!!! I really love the color and covers; it's such a vivid image and a very very friendly book. I also read some of the first page and I liked your welcoming tone; it's very captivating and warm, which evokes an emotion of curiosity; plus, I feel as if you were right in front of me talking; I love it so far!! I'm sure it's an awesome book, I'll start reading it over the weekend:). and I'll definitely be a salesperson for ya :)

Rich, Not only are we amazed by the content and impact of your book; we were pleased to see the high quality of the web site as well. You are to be commended for taking the initiative and having the perseverance to write this for the benefit of so many. It is so refreshing to see someone who is a shining example of good health in this day and age. And, you are blessed to be surrounded by your vast network of friends to support your endeavors. So now add Author to the list of your many accomplishments as a Great teacher, Radio personality, Coach and Fitness Guru.  Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!

Floyd and Evelyn Holt

Sincerely,FloydFloyd T. Holt
President/CEO- The American Science and Technology Center

What I like:
Written in plain English.   Anyone can read it and understand your directives.  It has the commensurate appropriations of your dry humor, which I like.   The charts appear clear and easy to use.    You use anecdotal advice from your experience in a meaningful way which allows the reader to connect with not just the methods of diet, but what they might expect to feel on the other other side.   This is something that science-based authors, or researchers, cannot communicate.   Who wants a book on exercise from a trainer who's had a perfect body their whole life?   I like how you dispel  myths about the difficulties or road blocks in an organic diet.    This, to me, culturally, is the biggest hurdle for most people. 
Don Reardon
IDW inc.
1001 SE Water Ave
Studio 175
Portland OR. 97214


I did get a chance to look though it briefly and I was quite impressed with your wealth of Knowledge.

Rachel and I were talking about it when we got it. My partner John also got a chance to look through it and was also impressed.

It is pretty remarkable that you wrote a Book. You're an Author! Congratulations!!. The Charts make it look easy to follow.

There are some great ideas and systems that we could all benefit from. It certainly looks like you have. You look like you have discovered the fountain of youth.

Look for a note from the Team.

All the Best with your endeavor,Rod Strober


Hi Rich....I was so thrilled to receive your book.  I am very impressed with your insight and the consistency in which you've been able to incorporate this "diet" into your daily routine and as a part of your lifestyle.  I am a testimony that you truly live what you preach!  J   I truly like letting your body find the ideal weight as opposed to targeting a certain "look" and sculpting to fit a magazine look when every body is so different.

I am thrilled for you...and have been showing people in my office...and will pray God's blessings on you and the success of your book and it affecting many people in positive ways!

What a great testimony of God's being present in helping you write this.... It is very good!  I'm proud of you. 

God's best blessings....

Pastor Dan

Hi Rich,
Received your book last week and have already read through it. I am so proud of your accomplishment in following through with writing down your ideas and getting it published. I wish you all the success with this venture.

Rich:  The look on your face on the cover of your new book bespeaks what is between the covers.  Congratulations on conveying your enthusiasm for the relatively new organic food market so well.  We have had vegetarian and vegan diets/restaurants for some time now but I applaud you for turning attention to the organic side, and its benefits.
Your own recipes sounded so good that I hope you will publish them on your next edition.
Bill Lyons
Palm Springs, CA
Rich.  Thanks so much for the book, you make the whole approach to dieting seem so simple and straight-forward.   Wish we lived closer to a Whole Foods Market and a Trader Joes.  Any way I believe you did a very effective job of getting the message out about organics and walking.  Have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Thanks again  Carl
p.s.  Hope you have great success with the book,   
Hi Rich,  YES! I got the book. It's very nice,  it came out very well.  We are actually going to go pretty much vegan,  so the organic part of the diet will work out just fine. Congrats on the book! I know you must be so proud and pleased.
Bela Dornon Studio,"Finding A Beautiful Photo In Every Face."
I, also, am amazed by ur age, & thought that the age & the photo did not go together.  And, being a Virgo and a nit picker, I had to investigate further.  You and the lifestyle are amazing!  Mary S.
Your open smile is so addicting! and your amazing body is really something to treasure (or maybe worship?). I am working thru my 50's and can only hope to be 'close' to the shape you are when I hit that 6 OH. Thnx for reading... betting your energy and endurance would be such a hot match.... warm hugs. Anonymous
Liked your book.  What a nice accomplishment.  You certainly put a lot of work into it.  You did a nice job letting people know exactly what they needed to do to lose weight successfully while staying physically fit.  Thank you for your kind acknowledgement of me at the beginning of your book. Paul
lvchris: Just gotta say, you look way younger :) and hot :P Very cool. I would be interested in checking out your book! wow, that is great! I think I might go ahead and order it, and take your word for it :P yeah, I hope I look that good in...later in my life.
dude you look great for your age!! i bet people are jealous of you hehe you dont look 65 or near it at all! anon.
You are an amazing man! You are the most amazing "older" male specimen I have ever seen! You are articulate and smart and you are ever so good looking. Anon.
Hello Handsome,
Man I want to look just like you when I grow up. 
Thanks for the eye candy!
AzRnR:  you are in incredible shape!!
joeyrobert: U r awesome and for sure at your age.  U r one of a kind.
Anon.: you're a very good looking man despite the one thing we all can't do anything about!(age #) lol and from what I read you seem like a pretty remarkable person too bad they're not all like you.. but I can say I do hope I look as good as you do when I get where you are :-)
cosu21: you're right... you look very good..
Amazing body u have
 I totally agree with Rich's approach in his book, as I grew up eating this way in the Southern part of the country. None of our foods were grown/raised using hormones and were all naturally grown, from our beef, pork and chicken to all of our vegetables and fruits, and even our eggs and butter. I never had a weight problem until I left there and started eating foods from the supermarkets. If you can work it into your budget, you will live a healthier life, without surgery, fad diets and over-strenuous excercise. Thanks Rich for writing this book, it supports what I have believed and known all along.
How in the hell do you manage to look so Good?.....don't tell me hormones, as I have been doing that for many years.......I do know you must maintain the proper mind set, keep trash out of body, work out. In great anticipation to get this book and learn the master's secrets...
Well, Rich, I looked at your video.  I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that it sounds too good to be true.  Many people have said "Lose weight and eat the foods you love!"  It's all very counter-intuitive.  Although, I hope I can look as good as you.
But, you sure look fu&%ing great!   I would like to talk to you about it sometime.