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Here are my GUARANTEES that will happen to you if you follow the VERY EASY plan of this book to the fullest::


1) I profess that you will lose anywhere from 10-20% of your body weight within 3-6 months of your start. 

2) You will look better than you have in years-maybe the best of your life even! 

3) You will get your cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal and healthy range!

4)  You will be in much better health.  The incidences of flu and colds will be minimal and you will be in the best health of your recent years and perhaps of your entire life also. 

5)  Others will wonder what you have done and they will notice visible changes in you!

6)  Strangers who do not know your background will guess your age wrong= lower! 

7)  You will definitely have higher self-esteem and be proud to wear those skimpy swim suits you wouldn't dare wear now!

8) You will stand up taller and prouder and never even think of leaving the new lifestyle "diet" you have started since the foods taste better, are better for you health-wise, and you will want to maintain or even improve more your new healthy and great look! 

9) You will not be afraid to be seen swimming, tanning, beaching, or working out in public.

10) You will accomplish all of the above with no sacrifices on things you love to eat.  Again it is the Easiest Diet in the World. And It Works!