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Going Organic Can Help Shed the Pounds

Author lost over 30 pounds in four months without ever 'dieting'

SAN DIEGO — Strangers are shocked to find out Rich Stevens is 71 years old now!! His good health, agility and trim figure constantly fool outsiders into believing he's 45. So how does he stay in such good shape? He eats all organic foods. "I eat anything I want and I don't miss out on any foods I enjoy," says Stevens.

Stevens outlines how he did it in his new guidebook, The Easiest Diet in the World...And It Works...now in its 2nd Edition! Complete with 6 different progress charts and workout logs, the comprehensive book motivates readers to make a lifestyle change for the better.

"In the past, organic foods were used for environmental reasons, better taste and health reasons.  I have added a fourth dimension — to lose weight. It is easy and you can still eat all the foods you love," says Stevens.

At age 71, Stevens is still receiving compliments about his looks and he has no plans of slowing down. The Easiest Diet in the World...And It Works...2nd Edition! includes stories from Stevens' personal journey and explains the science behind the diet in the simplest terms.

"Other diets fail because it's hard to be motivated to give up the foods you love. With my method, you don't have to sacrifice ANY foods you like. Organic foods naturally fill you up quicker, causing you to eat less AND THEY CONTAIN LESS CALORIES EVEN THAN THE SAME SERVING SIZE OF THE NON-ORGANIC SIMILAR PRODUCT!," says Stevens.

After four months of switching to organic food, Stevens lost 30 pounds, took four inches off his waist, and dramatically improved his cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides numbers.

About the Author:

Rich Stevens currently lives in San Diego. Since 2004 he has served as an adjunct professor of mathematics at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California and now also teaches  at a high school and 2 other colleges! He teaches 6 or 7 classes a day! And who says  you lose energy and stamina as you grow older???!!!Stevens is a graduate of The State University of New York at Albany where he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in math education. 

Previously, he taught high school math, worked as a radio disc jockey, coached cross country and track and served as a weight training advisor. Stevens was also the public address announcer of the New Jersey Nets for seven years. He has been an avid long-distance runner and directed the Marist College Distance Running Camp with Marty Liquori for eight years.